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There are currently places available. Please let me know what you need via the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Hours Of Operation
    Tuesday - Friday | 8AM - 5PM NO HOLIDAYS OR WEEKENDS
  • Can I pay a deposit?
    Payments for any package will be invoiced. You are allowed to pay a deposit of half the total amount on certain packages provided. -NO DESIGNS will be started without payment. -Design This Way does not provide refunds for any series of projects.
  • What is required for the packages?
    - Copy - High-quality/Professional brand photos (Unless you book the Elite package) - Detailed information about your brand - Proper communication (Bad communication can result in projet delays) - A vision of some sort for your brand Phrases such as “Make it pop” or “I just want something cute” will not suffice. These types of statements lead to unnecessary revisions and prolonged turnaround times
  • Where do I send information to after completing payment?
    You will receive links to forms for you to complete. Also will have a client portal to upload information. Please advise multiple emails will result in delay or you may be asked to re-submit. Please include all information at the beginning of project.
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